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 Due to the highly individual nature of college essay writing, workshop spaces are limited as follows:

  ● Workshops co-taught with both Mrs. Rapant and Mrs. Ewing are limited to 6-8 participants

Workshop Dates:

  ● Summer Workshops


Monday, June 26 9-3 p.m.  at Southglenn Library Meeting Room A 

Friday, July 21 9-3 p.m. at Southglenn Library Meeting Room TBD 

Saturday, August 5 9-3 p.m. at Southglenn Library Meeting Room TBD 


Workshop Agenda:


  • We will discuss what the college essay is, what it needs to accomplish, how to connect to your future college and career,  and how to brainstorm topics/ ideas.  Then, you will complete an outline for your college essay and write a rough draft. Finally, we will review how to create and access your Common App account.  

       ● We will also revise the rough draft of your college essay until it shines. 


If time, we will review the ‘How To’s’ of asking for a letter of recommendation; including how to write an email asking for a letter and how to manage the process.


Prior to your session:

If you have not created a Common App account yet, it is a good idea to create your account and become familiarized with the platform.


What to Bring:

Your laptop (and a power cord), snacks,  and a water bottle.


We will have a break for lunch.  You may bring a lunch, but there are also places to eat around the library.